Update #1: A New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to the Monkey’s Bookshelf! I am the Monkey. Yes, I am a real monkey (or, at the very least, “part monkey”). I created this website, and its sister site The Monkey’s Agenda, to carry out a social experiment that will either leave me fulfilled beyond capacity or wasting my utter time. We’ll see.

This whole idea came about when I was sitting there (on my bed) thinking about what my New Year’s resolutions should be. (Yes, I need to have more than one resolution this year because last year was “that kind of a year” — I am not going to get into the bitter details, but I am sure you know what I am talking about.) So, I decided that amongst the generic goals of getting a better job, losing umpteen pounds, and finishing school, that I would toss in something creative, bold, and challenging. It took me at least five minutes after this discovery before my mind was bored of this idea and had feebly wandered off to my cramped bookshelf to peruse my selection of books, video games, and DVDs so that I could find something “constructive” to do. That is when it hit me!


But, how would I document this grand endeavor? I decided to create a website and write about my project. Then, I took it one step further and decided that I should also watch every movie I have, listen to every CD I have burned (err… purchased), play every video game I own, use every piece of software I have installed, and purchase every bookmark I can get my hands on!!! But why stop there? I also decided that I would write a synopsis/review (think book report) about every entry in my project and how it pertains to life and what it teaches us (or what it doesn’t teach us but should).

So, here you will find personal essays and reviews about books, movies, music, video games, and computer software along with my excitement every time I purchase or receive a new bookmark to add to my growing bookmark collection! I love books, movies, games, etc. and hope you will share in their enjoyment along with me!

And, as a bonus, I decided that maybe readers would like to share in the process with me. So, I decided to let you know what books I am reading, movies I am watching, music I am listening to, games I am playing, and software I am using so that you can use my comments sections to give your reviews right alongside my own! So look out for updates after each review so that you can see what will be the next book, DVD, CD, video game, or software package up for review. Then, you can explore those items along with me and give your feedback. It will be like a virtual book club. Will you agree or disagree with each of my assessments? Who’s to say? But, it will make this project a whole hell of a lot more fierce! I have even decided to include photos and related videos to showcase certain items that are worthy of such accolades. And, those that are not, I will fling poo at. Just wait and see.

I am not sure how this whole project will turn out or if anyone will even read along, but it is my resolution and I am sticking to it. This should be a fun experiment and an even better year. Time will tell…and so will I!

The Monkey

P.S. Now it’s your turn! Tell me what your New Year’s resolution(s) are. You have to be a member of WordPress to make a comment, but it only takes a minute to sign up so why not go for it. I mean, in the time it takes you to walk across the room, blow a bubble, and pick a murff out of your butt, you could already be rocking the membership status. So, join us. Won’t you?


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