The Monkey’s Bookshelf.

Exploring the world… one book at a time.

The bookshelf is literal, actual, and does exist (as does the Monkey). There are various items which can be found on the bookshelf: books, bookmarks, magazines, newspapers (and other periodicals), DVDs, CDs, video games, computer software, and other forms of media.

The Monkey is a real monkey (or, at the very least, “part monkey”). The Monkey’s job is to peruse the bookshelf and its various forms of media and give honest and insightful feedback. The Monkey has chosen a rating system using bananas and poo. The Monkey hands out bananas to those media types that are worthy of receiving them. The number of bananas received will correspond to the awesomeness of the entry, with the maximum number of bananas being 5 and the minimum being 1. And, sometimes, the Monkey will handout half a banana. The Monkey also flings poo, when absolutely necessary. If the media makes the Monkey unhappy, dissatisfied, or otherwise agitated, the Monkey will fling its poo and nothing can be done to avoid this.

For sure.

If you have a media type that you may want to recommend for the Monkey to review, please feel free to contact the monkey directly by sending an e-mail to fated2write@yahoo.com. However, please be forewarned that the Monkey may fling poo at your suggestions if he deems them unworthy.

The Monkey’s Mission Statement:

To entertain, enrich, and enlighten readers about the various media that resides on the Monkey’s bookshelf and to comment about how these medias reflect upon, influence, and/or represent the world of the past, present, and/or future.

Dig it?


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